Artist Statement

My artistic journey is a process of self expression which moves through the worlds of the primitive and the modern.

My soul is searching for visual truth.  I have sought visual truth through the exploration of penetrating shape, texture and layer in the mediums of photography, paint, encaustic, pastel and ink.  I seek this truth by endeavoring to penetrate the many layers of the different worlds that present themselves in the field of image.

In much of my work I have explored the narrative of psychological tension between men and women.  I have sought to understand this tension in its relationship to the abstract, the world of spirit and the world of the elements.

Presently, I am focusing on a series called Fire: Wood & Ash.  My recent studies of Shamanism have furthered my exploration of finding images where one would not expect to find them.  Seeing beyond what the ordinary eye would behold – through my camera lens.

I have always been interested in bringing forth what is unseen in the midst of what is seen.  The result is the expression of a non-ordinary reality which opens in the midst of the ordinary.

Lori Ellen Goodman



Born:  Allentown Pennsylvania  1955


Columbia University, NYC, M.A. 1982
New York Studio School, NYC, 1979
Philadelphia College of Art, Philadelphia, Pa., B.F.A. 1977
Leo Marchutz School of Painting and Drawing, Aix-en-Provence, France, 1976


Selected Exhibitions:

West Chester State College, West Chester, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Electric Company, Philadelphia, PA

Macy Gallery, Columbia University, New York City, NY

Soho Center for the Visual Artists, New York City, NY
“Crosscurrents” Aaron Berman Gallery, New York City, NY

“New Acquisitions,” Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT
“Art Quest,” The New Museum, New York City, NY
“Inaugural, Manhattan Art, New York City, NY
“Lori Ellen Goodman, Joseph Nechvatal, Walter Robinson,” Kamikaze Club, New York City, NY
“Christmas Present”, Manhattan Art, New York City, NY

“Lori Ellen Goodman, Tom Rankin”, Manhattan Art, New York City, NY
“Extravaganza“, Dramatis Personae Gallery, New York City, NY
“Of Sweet Dreams and Nightmares”, The More Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
“Inaugural II”, Manhattan Art, New York City, NY
“Bacchanalia”, Tomkins Square Library, New York City, NY
“Soul Catchers”, Stellweg Seguy Gallery, New York City, NY

One Way Gallery, Narragansett, RI

“The Elements” Warwick Museum of Art, Warwick, RI
“25th Annual Rhode Island Open Juried Art Competition & Exhibition”, Warwick Museum of Art, Warwick, RI

“Newport Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition”, Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI
“The f stops Here: In Color and Black+White”, Juried Photography Show, Hygienic Art Gallery, New London, CT
“RI Women in the Arts”,Warwick Museum of Art, Warwick, RI
“Open Juried Photography Annual”, South County Art Association, Kingston, RI
“All Media Open Juried I”, South County Art Association, Kingston, RI
“Member’s Annual”, South County Art Association, Kingston, RI

“The f stops Here: Juried Photography Show”, Hygienic Art Gallery, New London, CT
“Members Show”, Jamestown Arts Center, Jamestown, RI
“Seven Deadly Sins”, DeBlois Gallery, Newport, RI
“Open Juried Photography Annual”, South County Art Association, Kingston, RI

“86th Member’s Annual,South County Art Association,Kingston,RI

New Work by Lori Ellen Goodman and Annette J. Greenwood,AS220 Main Gallery, Providence,RI


“87th Member’s Annual”,South County Art Association,Kingston,RI

“Open Juried Photography & Printmaking Exhibition”, South County Art Association,Kingston,RI

“Members and Staff Invitational,South County Art Association,Kingston,RI

“28th Annual RI Open Juried Exhibition”,Warwick Museum of Art,Warwick,RI

“Member’s Show”, Jamestown Arts Center< Jamestown,RI



Honorable Mention, “Appreciation At The Paradise”, Open Juried Photography Annual, Juror Scott Alario

Special Projects:

Paintings used in Alphabet Productions Co. film “Alphabet City” directed by Amos Poe

Paintings used in Nine and One Half Week Co. film “9 1/2 Weeks”, directed by Adrian Lyne


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